Phoebe Adhiambo Rateng’

5th Anniversary

Sunrise: 30th October 1964

Sunset: 3rd February 2012

Dear Mum, its been a long 5 years without you.

We sincerely miss your warm smiles, calm mien, good cheer, tender care and motherly love.

We hope you have good company in the heavenly clouds where we’ll meet again.

Fondly remembered by your family: Dad, Joe, Jackie, Roselyne and Collins.

We thank all those who have made the pain of your loss easier to bear in one way of other.

Rest in peace Ny’Ombeyi.

Mr Manoah Makambi Keverenge

1st Anniversary/Appreciation

Retired Principal Lecturer,

Eregi Teachers Training College

Sunset: 1st February 2016

The clock has been ticking and a year on, it feels like you left us yesterday. No day passes without us thinking about you. You were a special gift from God. You are always and forever in our hearts.

Dearly missed by your wife Priscillah Makambi; children Christine Lumwagi, Allan Kilibwa, Eunice Akuku, Jackline Kibisu, Eric Miheso, Stephen Mboga, Henry Kisinja, Rotan Minahila, Francis Imbahale and Mercyline Isambo; Brothers and sisters Herbert Minahila, Ezra Imbahale, Boaz Lwangu, Richard Ambehi, Dickson Mutonji, Felisters Munyasia, Margaret Kekena, Marble Luvisia, Kenneth Isinga, Evans Mugunda, Joash Kaka, Eliakim Isigi and Lilian Nyandisa.

We the family of Manoah Makambi wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who walked with us during his illness and even his demise. Special tribute to Hon Alfred Agoi, Prof Levi Musalia, Dr Ephrahim Mukisira, MCA David Ogova, Vihiga County Government, National Government representatives, Chavakali Yearly Meeting of Friends, Hamuyundi Friends Church, Wamwangu Friends Church, relatives and friends who took time off their busy schedules to console with us.

May God continue blessing you.

You fought a good fight, you finished the course and kept the faith – (2 Timothy 4:7)


Daniel Chege Ndua

Dear Toddler,

That’s what we call two-year-olds in our world so, yeap.. Suits you. Anyway, having to leave the comfort of the bed to go get you eggs or soda or a newspaper or having to cook you lunch at times never used to settle down very well. However, today we all would give anything for just a single activity with you. Though truth is if we get even one more hour, we would not be able to let go because there is no easy way to break a heart. Going home became an activity that we dread, as everything is a constant reminder that you walked out and you are not going to walk back in. Each saliva became harder to swallow. Each breathe more difficult to take. Each stair harder to climb. Each tear more painful to shed. We had to get used to seeing faces that we were not used to, not seeing faces of people we were used to. Everything became colder, the clouds darker, the questions unanswered, the days longer, the nights sleepless, but most of all, your natural cologne and personality became a constant shadow as if everyone had taken it up.

It has been two years, but for us, it seemed like centuries but as someone wise once said, you learn to live with it. So it doesn’t matter how far you are from us, for you’re always right beside us and we, right there beside you, being that one big happy family. From us it is a Haaaappy birthday.

Cherished by your family, friends from all circles and colleagues.

Agnes Michelle Asingo

First Anniversary

Today commemorates another year of the passing on of our precious little girl, a girl who brightened our lives with her joyful spirit and radiated much tenderness and love. We remember you all the time as if it was yesterday.

Everyday in some small way

Memories of you come our way

Though absent, you are always in near

Still missed, loved and always dear

Fondly remembered by everyone most especially, your mum Jacinta Asingo, dad, Dr Peter Asingo and sisters Claire Asingo and Donna Asingo.

Loved ones never die, they rest in God’s hands and live in our hearts forever.

Rest in peace Aggie (Nyar Umala)

Dr Edward Munyua Waiyaki

5th Anniversary

To Daddy, It’s been 5 years since you went home to be with the Lord. You have been missed every day. When you left us suddenly we knew that things would never be the same. Wangechi carries the “Dr” mantle now. At the time you left 4 grandchildren behind you would have been so proud to know that you gained 2 more (Esther and Serena).

We are all parents and the example you and mummy set for us, it’s paying dividends as we raise our children. We learned so much about being a parent from you, even though at the time we never thought we would be parents ourselves. You gave us the gift of a good example and it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

We are so honoured to call you “daddy” and to have been raised by a wonderful and caring father. We will be sure to use your water strategy for waking our little ones up when they grow older. We can still hear your slippers walking through the hallway in the morning on school days! All the cherished memories we still hold in our hearts. Remembering you is easy to do; it’s the missing you that is mostly hard for all. Still we are comforted in knowing that you are in a better place.

We pray that you continue to rest in peace dear dad. From you we learned to see a world full of possibilities and opportunities. Your kindness, patience, intelligence, wisdom understanding, good humour goes beyond us – you impacted the lives of everyone along the ay of your life journey. Thank you for being the best daddy, grandpa, husband, counsellor, and mentor that anyone could ever have. We miss you big and can’t wait for the reunion in heaven!

We love you!!!

Simon Gikandi Karanja (S.G.)

20th Anniversary

Dearest Dad,

It is twenty years today since you went to be with the Lord. Though we miss you dearly, we have no doubt you are in a better place. We are always thankful to the Lord for the years you were with us. We miss your love and your wise counsel but trudge on with the Lord’s mighty guidance and Omni-presence.

Fondly remembered by your loving wife Anne, Children; Willy, Felista, John, Stella, Phillip & Patrick, your daughters-in-law, grandchildren, your mum and dad, brothers, sisters, cousins and all relatives.

A memorial service will be held at the late’s Dine Burguret (Nanyuki) as from 11am.


Prof Joseph M. Nyasani

1st Anniversary/ In Loving Memory

1936 – February 5, 2016

Dearest Dad,

It is actually one year, since you physically left us to be with your heavenly father. We also thank God for giving us the strength to endure the emptiness of losing you,

A service will be held for family and friends at Jesus Life Evangelistic Ministries Outering Road, Patel’s Hotel, Opposite SOS from 10am (the junction of Buru Buru Phase V extension) on Sunday the 5th of February 2017.

For directions call Pastor William Nyasani on 0728 – 135 456

You are cherished by many and fondly remembered and missed by your family.

Samuel Mbugua GIthere

20th Anniversary

DAD, your life was a BLESSING,

Your Memory a TREASURE,

You are loved and missed beyond MEASURE.




Tony Daudi Kiboro

In Loving Memory

It is 14 years today since you departed from us. We cherist the fond memories and loving moments we had together and thank Allah for the years we shared with you.

Fondly remembered by your son Kibosh, dad, mum, sister, brothers, relatives and friends.

May Allah grant him His mercies until we meet again. – Amen

Inna Lillahi wa Inna Illaihi Rajiun.

Julius Karioki Gecau (EBS)

In Loving Memory & 1st Anniversary

It was 3rd of February last year 2016 when the Lord called you home to glory to be with Him. It broke our hearts but we have accepted because we know you are safely home.

We miss your guidance, hard work, friendliness to all ages and mostly your humour and lovely sound of you singing hymns. You were a pillar in our family. Affectionately remembered and missed by your loving wife Nellie Njeri Gecau, Children: Gatebu and Jane, Wanjiku, Ciru and Michael, Njoki and Jesse. Your many Grandchildren, Relatives and Friends.

We know you are safely home where you longed to be. Psalm 23: 6.

Loved ones never depart they rest in God’s hands

and live in our hearts forever.