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Mombasa Cemeteries

Mombasa county has three public cemeteries: Manyimbo, Mbaraki and Makaburini public cemeteries.

It has a dozen of other cemeteries that are considered private as they are owed by families or religious groups.

  • Mazrui Cemetery

    It is located opposite Fort Jesus Museum, Mombasa. The cemetery is actually 2 minutes walk from Fort Jesus. The Mazrui graveyard belongs to the Mazrui family, who ruled Mombasa in the 18th Century. The graveyard consists of an open yard surrounded by a wall made of coral blocks. Globally celebrated scholar Prof Ali Mazrui was buried here in October 2014.

    The late Prof Mazrui’s mother, Sophia Binti Suleiman Mazrui, and father, Sheikh Al Amin bin Mazrui, are buried at the Mazrui cemetery. The Mazrui graveyard is classified as a heritage site by the National Museums of Kenya, according to a signpost erected at its entrance and written in both English and French.

    The signpost says the graveyard has been in existence for 900 years.

  • Mbaraki Cemetery

    This is a public cemetery under the management of the County Government of Mombasa. It takes up seven acres. The graveyard has a section dedicated for World War II veterans.

    Mbaraki cemetery has been divided into Catholic, Protestant, Israeli and War graves.

    The Catholic graves, where mostly European Catholic families bury their loved ones, has unique requests.
    “Most of the time, the family members request to be buried where their other family members have been buried

  • Makaburini Graveyard

    This is a public cemetery under the management of the Mombasa County Government. It has five acres. It is located next to Kisauni Cemetery.

  • Commonwealth War Graves Mbaraki cemetery

    It is located along Makaburini Road, Mombasa. The War Cemetery contains 225 Commonwealth War Graves from the Second World War. From the 225 War Graves, 14 war graves are unidentified. The commission also cares for 2 war graves from other nationalities and 2 non-war graves.

    During the Second World War, wartime activities took place in Mombasa. Mombasa was also a naval base.

  • Sarigoi Cemetery

    Sarigoi Cemetery is located in Duruma Mombasa.

  • Commonwealth War Graves Mombasa – Manyimbo

    Mombasa (Manyimbo) War Cemetery is located on the northern side of Mombassa island in an area of town now called Tudor. If entering the town via the New Nyali Bridge, proceed about 3 kilometres from the bridge until there is a pronounced bend in the road.

    At the junction on this bend turn right in front of the Tudor Inn. Take the next turning left at the small roundabout and left again at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) road direction sign. After approximately 100 meters turn right at the route confirmation sign. Mombasa (Manyimbo) War Cemetery is about 20 meters down this track on the left, and Mombasa (Manyimbo) Roman Catholic Mission Cemetery will be found about 30 meters to the left of the War Cemetery.

    This cemetery is open every day between 06:00 and 18:00. Mombasa (Manyimbo) War Cemetery contains 225 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War, 14 of which are unidentified. There are also two non-war burials and two war graves of other nationalities.

  • Kikowani Cemetery

    A Muslims cemetery since before independence.

    The Kikowani cemetery is located within the Mombasa Island next to the Mombasa Fire Station.

    The cemetery is divided into three parts; the burial place for the rich families, leaders or high-profile figures within the Muslims communities in Mombasa, the graves for the common man and thirdly special place for certain family members.

  • Manyimbo Municipal Cemetery

    It is located in Tudor area of Mombasa.

    The cemetery is divided into four;

    • The Common Wealth World War Cemetery where soldiers who died during the World War were buried in Mombasa.
    • The graves for the Christian denomination in Mombasa.
    • The graves for the Muslim community
    • The special area for the mass burial by the Mombasa county government for the bodies that have not been collected from Coast General Hospital over a period of time.
  • War Cemetery

    There are about three war cemeteries in Mombasa County.

    • The Manyimbo Common Wealth War Graves in Tudor.
    • The Mbaraki Common Wealth War Graves
    • The Mwember Tayari Common Wealth War Graves. (Where the African soldiers statues are located commonly referred to as Sanamu wa Mwembe Tayari).
  • Maziara ya Sargoi

    A Muslim cemetery located within the Mombasa County, near the Coast Bus Offices in Mwembe Tayari. They are open for the public.

    Former Mvita MP Shariff Nassir, father to the current MP Abdulswamad Nassir, was buried here.

  • Maziara ya Ganjoni.

    It is a Muslim cemetery for specific Muslim families within the Ganjoni area.  The cemetery is near the Mbaraki cemetery.

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