Christopher Onchiri Isaboke

1st Year Anniversary

Sunrise: 1943 – Sunset: 7th August 2019

Tata, today marks the 1st year anniversary of your departure from this world. We greatly miss that special smile and cheerful laughter, your caring heart and the gentleness of your presence.

Although we dearly miss you, we are comforted by the many wonderful memories that we shared and the knowledge that your spirit and legacy continue to shine on as you rest in God’s presence.

Fondly remembered by your loving wife Lucy, family, relatives, friends and all the people whose lives you touched.

Charity Wanjeri Mugaa

7th Anniversary

1928 – 7/08/2013

Mum, cucu, today seven years ago our heavenly called you home.

It feels just like yesterday but God’s grace has been sufficient to us and the teachings you instilled in us have enabled us to sail through.

You were our mentor, a teacher by example, showed us how to live and loved us more than any child could ask for.

We will forever be grateful to God for the great gift of our caring mum.

God has you in his keeping forever in our hearts.

James N. Matu  

In Loving Memory

It is 10 years since you left us and went to be with our Heavenly Father. Each day we cherish the memories we shared, the time God gave you to us and we live celebrating knowing that your promotion to Glory was God’s plan for your life. Although you are gone, thank you for the legacy you left behind: hard work, determination, humility, love, discipline and dedication to God. You were a pillar of strength, unity, fountain of wisdom, humour. Today we remember and celebrate your fond memories and all those whose lives you touched.

Fondly remembered by your family, relatives and friends whose lives you positively impacted; and still continue to impact today.

In God’s hand you rest, but in our hearts you’re loved forever, Amen

George Solomon Ougo Ogum

2nd Anniversary

It has been 2 years since you departed from us. We forever remember your smile and wise counsel.

Fondly remembered by your loving mother Naomi Ogum, wife Mical Ougo, your children Caroline, George, Javan, Jackie, Evelyn & Rebecca, Grandchildren George Jnr, Jonathan, Britney, Nick, Desmond, Mical & Micalyn. Brothers Moses, Samuel, Thomas, Lawrence, Norman, Zaddock, John, Enock; Sisters Mary, Apelles, Anyango, ln-laws, Relatives and Friends.

We take this opportunity to thank all who stood with us during that difficult time.

Dad your legacy still lingers with us.

Peter Thiga Maina

1st Anniversary/In Loving Memory

it has been one year since you went to be with the Lord.

We thank the Almighty God for having blessed us with you.

Fondly cherished and dearly missed by your loving wife, children and grandchildren.

We thank God for comforting and strengthening our lives for the past one year.

Forever in our hearts.

Alexander Thomas Criticos

In Loving Memory of Alex Criticos

23/9/1987 -9/8/2019

It has been one year since your sudden departure from our lives. We are left numb and truly miss your smile, contagious laughter and your unfettered kindness to EVERYONE. Simply put – we miss you! We are very fortunate to have wonderful memories of you. Bless you, Alex, we love you forever and always. From, your loving family

Andrew Mungai Muthemba

17th Anniversary / In Loving Memory

Today marks 17 long years Since you went to be with the Lord.

We have no doubt that you are in the best place in God’s heavenly abode

Though we miss you dearly we are certain that you are in the happiest place ever.

We shall forever cherish your attributes of love, generosity and great wisdom.

We are truly thankful to our dear Lord for His divine presence throughout our lives.

Fondly remembered by family, relatives and friends.

Rest in everlasting peace. Amen.

Jones Shijehi Lusangalu & Zakayo Lusangalu Magonya

1st August, 2019 & 30th August, 1982

It has been 1 (one) year for mum and 38 years for dad since the Almighty God called you both to his Eternal home of Peace and Rest.

You fell asleep without goodbye but Memories of you will never die. You brightened this world and selflessly gave everything you had. You guided us so wisely and our comforts are the Memories that will never fade away.

Dearly missed by your children: Noel Shisiali, Alice Idalinya, Ruth Likhakasi, Esther Lusangalu Inyumili, Phoebe Lusangalu Anyanje, Elisha Ashiruka Lusangalu, Reuben Nyang’wera Lusangalu, Henry Khiyaniri Lusangalu. Moses Sakwa Lusangalu; Daughters and Sons In law; Grand Children, Great Grandchildren; Friends and Relatives

“Blessed are the dead who die In the Lord. They will rest from their Labour for their deeds will follow them” Rev. 14:13  

Mzee James Kiptanui Arap Ronoh

20th Anniversary

 Sunrise 1935 – Sunset 2000

Our beloved Father, Husband and Grandfather.

Today we gather to share fond memories of you. It has been 20 years since you left us. Our hearts still ache whenever we think about you. But you left a legacy worth emulating.

Oh Lord, in your loving arms we entrust him. Please, let him rest in peace. “He shall receive the blessings from the Lord and righteousness from the God of His salvation” Psalm 24:5 Father, Husband and Grandfather

Julius Viser Atsiaya

Sunrise: 20th October 1947 – Sunset: 1st August 2019

It’s been one year since you went to be with the Lord. As family, we fondly remember your loving nature, wisdom and the generosity you had for all of us.

We remember you as a great man, celebrate and appreciate you. You were a blessing to us.

Deeply missed by your wife Rose Atsiaya, your children Chris, Branice, Marrion, Kevin and grandchildren. We still and forever appreciate all who stood with us.

 In God’s hands you rest, in our hearts you live forever.