Grace Wanjira Muriithi

In Loving Memory

01/01/1934 — 09/01/2018

It has been one year since you left us. In our thought and memories you are still alive. Your unconditional love, care and generosity to family, friends and society is so fresh in our hearts.

The bond and togetherness you lived and practiced still remain with us.

Fondly missed by your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, brothers, sisters and friends.

There will be a memorial service on Saturday 12th January 2019, starting 12:00 noon at the graveside in Kagumo, Mutira location, Kirinyaga County.

“May the Lord keep you in His righteous hands.”

Francis Mutura Ndungu

In Loving Memory

Sunrise: 1954 – Sunset: 13/01/2018

It has been 7 years since you left; you left a very big Gap and a heavy burden. Without you by our side it has been so hectic. We keep thinking about you though it hurts. Not a day goes by that we don’t think about you.

You are dearly missed by your mum, Njoki, Your Wife Mary, your children Rosemary, Amon, Peter, Samuel, Sarah, Boniface, Esther and Wanja and all your grandchildren, Brothers, Sisters and friends.

We loved you but God had his wishes.

Cyprian John Waweru (Cj)

CJ We Remember You

Ten years today, you left us for our father’s heavenly abode.

Your loss has taught us many things and we now face each day with hope and the happy memories you brought to our hearts.

Your memory will always give us strength and comfort.

You are still cherished and missed by your entire family and friends.

Glory be to God.



Zedekiah Musinya Shivere

In Loving Memory

01/08/1937 – 08/01/1999

Twenty years have passed since God called you to eternal rest. Though physically departed from us, your spirit lives on. We shall always cherish the moments we shared with you.

We thank God for His faithfulness.

Greatly missed by your beloved wife Truphena; children- Betty, Rachel, Martin, Angela, Antony; in-laws- Charles, Esther; grandchildren- Alvin, Elsa, Zed, Melvin, Ella, Chanice, Ethan.

May your soul continue to rest in peace.

Josephine A. Adwa

Sunset: 08/01/2013

Sixth Anniversary / Celebration of Life Sleeping in Divine Hope

Always so good, unselfish and kind, Few on this earth her equal we find. Honourable and upright in all her ways, Loyal and true to the end of her days. You are not forgotten, dear mother. God saw the road was getting rough And the hills were hard to climb, So he closed your weary eyelids And whispered, “Peace be thine.”

Six years have passed since that sad day, When one we loved was called away. God took her home; it was His will, But in our hearts she liveth still.

Fondly missed by your family and friends

In God’s hands you rest, in our hearts you live forever. Amen

James Oyoo Dodo

In Loving Memory / 10th Anniversary

 1924 — Jan. 7 2009

It is 10 years since you left us to be with the Lord. To us you were the best father, we cherish you. You taught us to be God fearing. Your humility, love and generosity was and is still admired by relatives, friends, business partners and above all your wives; Anjeline and Rosemary as well as children; Henry, Laban, Robert, Nicholas, Richard, Gilbert, Samuel, Joel, Zaddock, Paul, Michael, Martin, Priscah, Joyce, Judith, Salome, Eunice, Pamela, Irene and the families of your deceased children Joram, Joshua, Julius, Martin, Lucas, Phoebe, Joan, Dorcas and Margaret. Lastly, your `nyawanas’; joka Mikune, Ngesa, Dede, Oindo, Aloka, Otuoma, Osedo, Othieno, Obungu, Ouko, Okun, and joka Omino continue to pray for you.

Rest in Peace Matito (Okew Kobura). Amen!

Ambassador Charles G. Maina

It’s one year today, since you left us. It feels just like yesterday.

We miss you, but we know that you are now resting in a better and more peaceful place after a long & hard fight.

Your spirit, your values and your love lives on through us and in us.

Dearly missed by your loving wife, children, grandchildren, relatives and friends.

Frankline Mugambi Mugo

Love Lives On… 1st Anniversary

Our Mugambi, in the wake of your departure a year since, it still feels unreal and the pain of your loss still so deep. Your life was a Blessing, your memory a Treasure, you are Loved beyond words and Missed beyond measure, your love is still our guide and though we cannot see you, you are always in our hearts our guardian Angel, we think of you in silence. In life we loved you dearly, in death we do the same.

Dearly missed and forever will be cherished by your dear parents Mr & Mrs Mugo, your children Ryan and Vivian, your treasured sisters Kawira & Mwende, your brother in-laws Gichana & Kimani, your adored niece Senan & Nephews Riddley & Nathan and all whose hearts and lives you really touched. Those we Love don’t go away, They walk beside us every day…

You were a rainbow, you were many stars in one, Thank you for brightening our sky, May you take your Heavenly place, Eternally, in Peace. We’ll always miss you.

To our Extended families, our dear friends & friends of Mugambi Mugo Mugambi who realty stood with us during the most difficult period in our family, As it is not possible to individually thank everybody, we MAY graciously Thank You for standing with us and giving in your support in whatever way possible, Asanteni sana na Mungu awabariki.

Mugambi you are a Gem to us. Rest well, we will meet on the beautiful shore in the new life where there will be no death or sorrow, for your greatness is not what you have, it’s what you gave.


Enoch Mudanya Sabwa


In Loving Memory

One year has passed since you went to be with the Lord in Glory. We fondly remember your voice, great smile, warmth, excellence. laughter, unity, family love and generosity.

True hearts that loved you with deep affection still love and miss you just the same. Affectionately remembered and missed by your loving wife Pastor Selina Nyawela Mudanya, children Frank & Helen, Gilbert & Carol, Hellen & Philip, Fred & Jacqueline, Mary, Christine, Brenda & Andrew Omboto and Ann. Grandchildren Jerry, Tanya, Celine, Anita, Tesha, Solomon, Keith, Kevin, Stacy, Amy, Jude, Lina and Leo Mudanya. Siblings Sophia Ombajo, Dolly Otwombe, Gladys Sabwa, the late Margaret Akunava, in laws Esau Ombajo, Mullab Otwombe, the late Mannaseh Akunava, Dorcas & the late Henry Inyangala, Rose & Arthur Lugusa, Mr Joseph & Rev P Akala, Shem Osore, Pastor Herman Ajega, the Late Jotham Kisala, Francis Osore Aiega, nieces, nephews, all cousins, friends and colleagues you held so close and dear.

Thank you Friends Church Langata and Friends Church Kegoye and friends and family that assisted us at this time last year. You are all loved and we pray a blessing over you for taking time to celebrate our Hero fondly known as EMS, Esquire.

Let’s make him proud and carry on the great things we learnt from his rich life.

Darshan Singh Gahir

In Loving Memory

Today we mark the 27th anniversary since the death of a great man and Sewadar in the Sikh community.

You were a brother, father, grandfather and dear friend to many, you were a warm hearted person, honest and believed in equality to all.

Although you are not us today, your memories will remain in our hearts. We and the community members who have great remarks and respect for you miss you. Your love and kindness has always been the pillar of our family.

We thank Waheguru for giving us a father like you, working hard for your family and your efforts still live with us. We thank you for all you did for us and the community, your love and sacrifices you made will always remain with us.

We miss you and will always love you.